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Cover of 'The Love We All Wait For', a novel by Lee Doyle
spacerKOMENAR Publishing
spacerRelease date: Sept. 2008
spacerISBN 978-09817271-0-3
spacer$24.95, 296 pages
Fiction/Literary Fiction

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The Love We All Wait For


Seventeen-year-old Sheila O’Connor’s father died six years ago when his pickup truck stalled in the path of an oncoming train. Now her world is changing at an overwhelming pace. It’s 1975, Salinas Valley, California, and her mother is preparing to remarry, already showing signs of a life transformed. Big brother Josh has joined the Marines, seemingly on a whim. Little sister Annie revels in the attention of her father-to-be, her first experience of a real dad. And Sheila’s best friend Ing is making decisions that jeopardize more than just their friendship.  

Sheila is changing too, looking for love, trying to protect those whom she loves, and pretending that she can maneuver through the big and little dramas of those around her. As Sheila’s life and relationships fall into disarray, she quickly discovers that the only fate she can control is her own . . . and even that will take courage she might not have.

Lee Doyle has written a poignant debut novel that captures the transition we all must make, from the romantic ideas and hopes of youth to the wonderment of discovering who we will become.

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