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  • This currency convertor is up to date with exchange rates from November 6, 2017.

    Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of the currency and press the "convert" button. To show Mexican Pesos and just one other currency click on any other currency.

    The Mexican Peso was revalued on January 1, 1993. Pesos dated before that date (Old Mexican Pesos - MXP) are 1000 times less valuable than the New Mexican Pesos - MXN.

    Calculator for Old Mexican Pesos (MXP) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion

    Mexican Peso (MXN) and Old Mexican Peso (MXP) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator

    The Mexican Peso is the currency in Mexico (MX, MEX). The symbol for MXN can be written Mex$. The Mexican Peso is divided into 100 centavos. The exchange rate for the Mexican Peso was last updated on November 3, 2017 from The International Monetary Fund. The MXN conversion factor has 6 significant digits.

    51 www.leedoyleauthor.comments about Mexican Pesos conversion

    Mexican Peso (MXN) Mexico

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    Currency Conversion www.leedoyleauthor.comments

    i have a 1989 2000 peso bill (mxn) that i need to convert to U.S. dollars!


    el banco de mexico 500

    i have quinientos pesos i need to covert to convert to u.s.dollars

    $5000 peso coin need ameriacn money

    need american money

    eric jackson
    To Fred and Cynthia

    A 1989 2000 peso bill is equivalent now to 2 Mexican pesos. That would be about 20 US cents. But that bill is no longer in circulation since 1991.

    To cynthia:

    500 pesos would be roughly equivalent to 50 US dollars


    Where can I exchange peso coins? - not paper bills.

    5000 pesos 1989

    i have an 5000 mexican pesos to convert to american dollars...can someone tell me what i can do?

    Where can I exchage this currancy in Denver Colorado

    I have:
    2 Veinte Pesos-Banco De Mexico S.A. notes
    1 cein Pesos-El Banco De Mexico S.A. notes
    1 Dos Mil Pesos-El Banco De Mexico note
    1 Cincuenta Pesos-El Banco De Mexico note

    8 $100 Estados Unidos Mexicanos coins
    4 $1,000 Estados Unidos Mexicanos coins
    4 Cinco Peso coins
    1 $500 Estados Unidos Mexicanos coin
    10 Peso Estados Unidos Mexicanos coins

    The local US Bank would not exchange this currency, the notes were old issue, the coins to heavy. Could you advise value and place of echange...Mexican Embassey? Airport?

    Robert S.
    20001987dos mil pesos

    what is it wortin us currentcy

    1988 $5000 peso coin need ameriacn money

    Where can i change it and how much is it worth today its an emergency

    Hector Encarnacion
    Paper pesos for american money $1,076.

    Where can I change these here in naples florida?

    David Leidecker
    Need American money

    I have a 1988 $100 estados unidos mexicanos that I need to convert to US dollars!

    Janice Howard
    2004 $2000 peso bill need to american money

    how and where can i exchange pesos for us dollars

    dos mil pesos

    what is dos mil pesos (2000) mexican dollars worth?


    I have a 50000 El Banco De Mexico (1990) bill that is torn and is taped I will be going to Mazatlan soon. Would I be able to cash it there and roughly how much is it worth?



    2000 Peso Paper Bill from El Banco de Mexico

    I have a 2000 Pesos bill from El Banco de Mexico...how much is this worth today in US Dollars?
    It's Dated Feb. 24, 1987.

    Thank you!

    diez mil pesos and 2 cinco mil pesos

    1 paper diez mil pesos
    2 paper cinco mil pesos

    I need to know where/if I can exchange these in the Cincinnati, Oh. area for USD
    Thank you!

    Mexican Coins

    I have 400.00 worth of coins from Mexico and I would like to change them into cash in the United States. I have been to a number of banks and they won't take them. Only one said they will take the cash but no change.
    Not sure what sense that makes?
    I live in SA, Texas and would like to find a place that will do this. Any suggestions??
    Thank You.

    Donna Plummer
    2000 dos mil pesos 1989

    i live in north carolina and the bank said it was worth 2.00 dollars. but the www.leedoyleauthor.computor says 184.61. Where can i get the right amount of money exchanged to US dollars?

    thank you janet cook

    janet cook

    I have ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS 100$ coin.On that coin V. CARRANZA Picture is there established in 1988. Tell me how to convert dollar into Rupees. I Live in india.I went to exchange offices , they told me , u have to try in Airport. is this correct?Tell me What to do?

    Exchange Gap

    I sent money to financial institution in Mexico (Lloyd). They converted USD to Peso at 10.55 even though I thought it was 10.89 according o NYSE. Can someone explain?

    1000 peso coin, 1989

    anyone know what this may convert to?

    mark rosenberg

    Is it still possible to exchange a 1989 20000 veinte mil pesos for american money? If the bill is no longer in circulation, does that mean it has no value anymore?

    5 5000 mil pesos

    I have 5 Cinco Mil pesos 1980 is it worth anything?

    $500 estados undos mexicanos

    i live in attleboro mass how do i cash then in for the right ammont of 45.95 us dollars

    Please help

    I have a 2000 dos mil pesos. Can I still use this note in mexico or is it obsolete?

    5000 peso

    I have a mexican bill worth 5000 pesos.
    Is it worth anything

    worth anything
    Old mexican money

    I Just read on line that old mexican money (I have a 1989 2000 el banc de mexico peso) is no longer in circulation, they have been replaced by more modern bills... anything from 1992 back is no longer considered currency, and is not worth very much.. JUST MY LUCK to have something that's not worth very much.

    Missy M.
    Mexican Currency Exchange

    I have a 1989 2000 peso bill (mxn) that I need to convert to U.S. dollars! If the bill is no longer in circulation, does that mean it no longer has value? Where can I get the right amount of money exchanged to US dollars? I also have a 1991 $100 Estados Unidos Mexicanos coin that I need to convert to US dollars! Where in the Washington DC area can I go for a fair exchange.

    1987 2000 El Banco Help

    I have a 1987 El Banco De Mexico Pacos is it worth anything today? If so how much and where I can get it exchanged?


    I have a $1,000 pesos coin. I would like to exchange it into U.S. currency. I asked the local airport about it and they told me for a coin that old, there was no value. Is this true? Isn't money-money? Do you have any advise where else I can try?

    need convartion

    i need to convert 500 pounds to pakistan corrency

    1985 Cinco Mil Pesos and 1985 Dos Mil Pesos

    I have 6 Cinco Mil Pesos (5000) and 4 Dos Mil Pesos (2000) all dated 1985. Does is still have a value in US Dollars? If it doesn't does it still have a value in Mexico?

    $1000 1991 estados unidos mexicanos coin

    can i still get U.S. currency for this coin

    Robert Justice
    5000 pesos made in feb.14,1987

    how much is it worth to day

    50 cincuenta 26 mar.2002

    what is this worth in the us

    $1000 Estados Unidos Mexicanos

    How much is this worth in U.S. money? And where can I cash it in???


    Is this coin of any value. We were remodling the house which is 175-200 years old. When we took the ceiling down which was added later over the years. We found this coin the date looks like 1887 it has a mans pic in the middle and on the left the date and some name have to get the ole mag out to read it on the r side it has a M looks like with somethingover top it


    i have an 1987 5000 peso bill where can i cash it in at

    50000 1990 issue peso

    I have 2 50000 1990 issue pesos, the bank could not exchange they said they were too old, where can I exchange

    26,000 Mexican Pesos

    I have 26,000 Mexican Pesos dated 1988 that I would like to exchange for US dollars.

    how much is this coin"s value in american currency?

    it has $100, 1985 on one side and says estados unidos mexicanos on the other side

    I have a 100 Cien pesos oro how much is that worth american?

    please tell me im not quite sure how it works the only number i can find on the bill says ANO2004 is that the year it was made?

    Mexican Currency Exchange

    I have $500 MXN coin, where can I cash it in to get the amount said on the www.leedoyleauthor.computer


    I need help. I have Mexican pesos that I need to exchange to US dollars. Is it still doable, the money is old?
    1 - 1000 El Banco de Mexico issued 1984
    1 - 5000 El Banco de Mexico issued
    15 - 10000 El Banco De Mexico issued 1983 & 1982

    Daphna Blake
    estados undidos mexicanos coin

    i have a coin it has a engel w/ a snake in its mouth on front then on back it has n$1..how much is it worth..the year is 1995 also i guess bass in the middle of coin and silver cover the rest of the coin

    10,000 Pesos

    I have a 10,000 Diez Mil Pesos
    Serie PR
    ElBanco De Mexico
    Is this bill still in circulation and if so is it worth anything?

    Linda K
    3 $100 coins and 4 $500 coins estados unidos mexicanos

    I was told these coins are no longer in circulation and that they have no value. Is this true? And if not where can I exchange for U.S. money in my area. Lynn, Massachusetts

    i need to know how much is this in american money

    5000 iraq money in american money

    andy castellanos
    1989 2000 pesos

    how do I go about converting these 2 1989 2000 pesos to USD. Where do I go and get this done. Hving problem getting this acwww.leedoyleauthor.complished.

    One Million Mexican Bill????????????????

    I have a paper bill from Mexico, that I was told is one million pesos. How much is this in U.S. dollars??? And is there somewhere to cash it in???

    dos mil pesos

    you take 2000 and divide by Mexico conversion rate. Example: rate on 4/27/07 is $10.915 so you get $183.24 US dollars

    D Jones