This currency convertor is up to date with exchange rates from November 30, 2017.

Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of the currency and press the "convert" button. To show Pakistani Rupees and just one other currency click on any other currency.

The Pakistan Rupee is the currency in Pakistan (PK, PAK). The symbol for PKR can be written Rs. The Pakistan Rupee is divided into 100 paisa. The exchange rate for the Pakistan Rupee was last updated on November 29, 2017 from The International Monetary Fund. The PKR conversion factor has 6 significant digits.

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Pakistan Rupee (PKR) Pakistan

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Rate conversion

Good work - a leedoyleauthor.comprehensive calc.

Huma Pervaiz - CO
Rate Calculator

Easy currency convertor, leedoyleauthor.compared to other convertors

Nasir Qadeer

Very easy and useful procedure for all.

Asif Masood
very good

i like ur rates which are absulately leedoyleauthor.compared with the world currncy its well arranged and calculated by ur site im very much pleased to see all this i appriciate u for this struggle thank u very much.

ijaz ahmed
An excellent example

This is a truly brilliant piece of work,and very conveniant to use,it saves typing which results in speedier displays of rates,cheers mate.

David Parker Bush
currency converter

best work of dis converter programm

muhammad nadeem chughtai dadyal

easy to use, even a dummy like me can use it

zeeshan abbasi CA
it's magic!

wow! What a phenomenal converter. Beautifully done with accurate precision makes it accessable for all to use. Working in a large dealing with huge currency changes often makes it difficult to stay sane but with this new website i will never be stressed again! Quick and thorough, this is a truly distinguished currency converter and now i have releedoyleauthor.commended it to all my work collegues. Thank you!

anooshe from classic homes
Good Work

Its nice, Easy to use and easy TO UNDERSTAND :) the way it works. Congratssssssssssss

Muhammad Imran

very nice solution for currency convert

muhammad zada
wonderfull currency conversion

really it is good site for information about currency exchange

Khalid Khalil
unbelieveable wonder

very very very nice solution for currency convertor, this is also a wonder of the world not just a site. nice work. i would like to congratulate to the team who work so hard to make this possible.

Muhammad Ali
here u go..

Very easier to convert .....

realy very very good

i would like to congratulate to the team who work so hard to make this possible.
very nice all of u !!!!!

syed samdan
Best curruncy convertor site

It is a very good and useful curruncy converting site available on the net. Very useful for travellers and businessmen.

Mirza Asim Baig Pakistan
its new passion

its really new passion to convert the currencies easily..

Muhammad Khalid Butt
Excellent work

it is extreamly easy to find out different results.
you just have to think in deep ab it, u will find it very worthfull in ur life

"Kapil Rohira"

This is so good information for all over the world people, belong to any country.

Ansar Khan Jadoon

I am using this site since Jan 2005. I found always correct and rapid. I like it and i hope you will use it forever after first use.

Muhammad Nawaz
Great Currency Convertor

It is really a useful, easier and less time consuming utility

An execllent effort

I am pleased to se such a simple and leedoyleauthor.comprehensive convertor, you need to make it more customer friendly.

k ali
Easy and fast way of currency convertor

It is more better than the other currency convertor web sites. Thanks Coinmill.

Usman AGI Logistics, Lahore

I'm really impressed by this work. Its a great tool. Good job and keep it up!

i liked that

its great as i was stucked today to know currancy rate of serbia in pakistan so i used it and found it best

danish qaisrani pakistan

good facility

Syed Nadeem Gohar
Pretty useful

Good job man---whoever created this.

Zohaib Ashraf
wow ! it worked

Being much worried to have a good currency converter,i looked and searched here and there and finally got this ''WONDERFUL COINMILL'' and found it really appreciatable.congratulations on this attempt

khizra binte islam
its cool and easy

i really liked it. from now i will always use this site. its cool

ayesha ali
Amazing Job

I think this currency converter is the best and so a great job in not only convert pak rupee but all currencies in same time.

This one is realy nice

I have tried a few conversion tools but this one no doubt is better than the rest. i really appreciate the effort of the maker(s).

Zeeshan Shafique
time saving

its really easy & time saving method .
i really appiriciate your team work ,
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they done the gret job,i refer u ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Great Success on your efforts

My COMMENTS TITLE has shown for your great efforts.


Its Easy, Fast, Acurate & NICE Calculator

excellent work

Excellent converter. In seconds you can convert cash rates to all major countries in the world.

Zahoor Ul Haq Dadyal PAKISTAN
Good job guys...

great job guys...
this is great...
keep it up!

Zeeshan Haq
Super Convenient & Mega Useful Currency Convertor

The interface is very user-friendly specially the option about swapping currencies either way. Very nice site.

Sameer Qazi

Life Is A Game Of Chance.And Chance !We Can Make By The Way Of Money.
By The Way Of This Converter we can find all over the world.

Malik Waqas Jamil
Well Done Coin Mill

I like the user-friendly environment of Coinmill. Good Job!

Sami Haider
Great Site

This site is amazing.

Faraz Shaukat
This is second to none

Never have I used such a convertor. Its the best. Great job developers


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Engr. Yasin Ali Hazara
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muhammed usman saleem
Good work

It is a wonderful piece of work. I was looking for this type of thing for long time.

Congratz to one whoever created it.

Vikash Khatri
Alpabetical arrangement

It is great job done.
What if the countries/currencies names are arranged in alphabetical order in vertical column instead of patches pattern in horizontol rows.
The coulumn cotinues and user moves downward all the way and then up.

Saeed hassan
really! impressed

easy solution!

Kazi Atikur Rahman
Best Currency Conversion Web Site

Sallamz to all

well this is the best web site i have ever seen ... and the super work have done by the web designer really .. i think i should say special thanks to the people who have done this nice work really.

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